And so it begins in Paradise...Texas


When I first thought of creating this site and the Tour de Paradise section, I immediately thought I want to make the first trip happen with my buddies. So off we went to the ultimate guys' trip destination...Dallas, TX! Okay, so maybe not the first place we thought of, but two of us had to be there for work, the weekend was open for the other guys, the Lumineers had a show we could go to, and there was a Paradise on the map just outside the city. Decision made.

Literally One Stop Light

I might not have explained the whole visiting Paradises concept to the guys as well as I had thought. As we passed the 40th farm and oil drill, the guys were getting restless in the rental car. Finally, after about 45 minutes of driving, we arrive. To a stoplight. A convenience store. Two churches. A Subway/donut shop. And, Jorge's Mexican Restaurant. Hmm, finding a cheeseburger was seeming doubtful.

Umm, What's a Dry County?

I was ready to admit failure at this inaugural Paradise adventure. It didn't appear there was a cheeseburger or bar in sight, and I had a car full of hungry cranky dudes. So it was decided the guys would venture into Jorge's for some burritos and beers. Imagine our dismay as we walk up to the little concrete shack and see the BYOB sign on the door. Off to the convenience store we go, but there's no booze in the cooler. I can't explain it, but somehow, Paradise is dry!

Paradise is Place Called Jorge's

Turns out that in the dry towns of Texas, you can't sell or buy alcohol, but you can give as much away for free as you want. Yep. Free. As much as you want. Welcome to Jorge's. I can honestly say I've never had a better free neon green margarita. And yeah, he made me a cheeseburger.

Ironically, Jorge wasn't all that familiar with Jimmy Buffett when I sat down with him, but he's got a whole lot of Margaritaville in his heart. Divorced and looking for a place to escape, Jorge drove out to Paradise, saw a for-sale sign on an old Mexican restaurant, bought it, and made it a party paradise of his own.

So this first adventure had a happy ending. Cheeseburger? Check. AYCD free margaritas? Check. A new hero and friend named Jorge? Hell yeah.

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