From a Noisy Bar in Avalon...

Well, not exactly that Southern Island referred to in one of Jimmy's favorite covers from Crosby, Stills, and Nash. My version for this post is more like Catalina Island. Yep, the one with that F***ing Wine Mixer! But ya know what, the lyrics to Southern Cross still apply.

This was one of my first "I want to live Jimmy Buffett lyrics" moments. Catalina Island is about 15 miles off the coast and you do have to take a boat to get there. A ferry or your own. I had to opt for the ferry, but it does serve cocktails!

Catalina Island off in the horizon

Catalina Island off in the horizon

The main port on Catalina Island is actually called Avalon and there are definitely one or two noisy bars there. This, of course, led to a series of phone calls in my contacts list for an ultimate lyrical moment. 

I had more than a few concerned phone calls and texts to reply to that night! So for a drive down to Long Beach from Los Angeles and a 45 minute ferry ride to send a 5 second phone call to about 30 folks, you might as well stick around to enjoy the scene, right?

I'm looking forward to more trips to Catalina, but hopefully there's a friend with a boat out there to make the next trip!

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