Changes in Latitudes...

Back in November, I felt a need for a change in scenery. It was the week of the election. I was in Dallas for work and watched the events unfold. Like many others, I felt unsure of what to expect for the future. I had a pre-arranged trip from Dallas to Fort Lauderdale to visit a friendbut that plan changed suddenly at the last minute. So I found myself on a flight to FLL without a plan wondering what to do for a long weekend.

I like adventure. I especially like it to distract myself from all of the crap that's going on in life. I decided this was simply going to be one of those adventure. Like Jimmy says, "When life gives you limes, make margaritas!"

When I landed in FLL, I went to the rental car area, picked out my ride, and trekked down to Miami Beach. With the ease of the Hotel Tonight app, I found a chic room near the water and was ready to relax. There's more than a few ways to let loose in Miami. Mojitos, cigars, sunsets, and my personal favorite...drag queens! Nothing quite lifts the spirits  more than a 6ft'2, 200lb queen straight out The Birdcage strutting her stuff up and down the busy sidewalk giving all those tourists covered in oil a show!

Of course, when one finds himself in Florida, he realizes how close he is to the mecca of Jimmy Buffett fandom. Key West is a couple hundred miles away. And when you've got the rental car, you might as well take advantage, and I did!

I've been to Key West before, but I usually fly in. I've never done the drive so after I slept off a long night of Cuba Libres, I set the GPS for that one particular harbor. The drive can be long since there's not a lot of chances for passing other cars, but there's plenty to see and do along the way, especially if you're in the mood for Conchy Tonking!

For decades, Key West has been home to lost souls. Those seeking to get away from it all, whether it be for a weekend or a lifetime. Many icons have called Key West home. A place to find yourself while not being yourself at all. From former Presidents like Harry Truman, to my other hero Ernest Hemingway, and of course our dearest Jimmy Buffett!


In the end, what started out to be a confusing and uneasy week led to seeing some sunlight on the horizon, some good ole fun and revelry at Jimmy's and Papa's old haunts, and I made a few new friends to call up whenever I'm without a plan in Florida again! Attitude adjusted! 

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