Yes, It's Been Quite a Summer

There’s literally been rental cars and west-bound trains. Now I’m off on vacation in Paris and Spain. Yes, somethings are hard to explain. I just boarded my train in Hendaye, France on the border of Spain in the Basque region. I arrived in Barcelona a few nights ago where I only spent the evening unfortunately. I fell in love with the city instantly though. Very clean and friendly. I’ll be back for sure, but I had my mind set on “one particular harbor.”


Despite an epic hangover, I found my way to the train station the next morning and traveled across the width of Spain to the Atlantic coast. I hate to ruin one of the best kept secrets in Europe, but San Sebastian is stunning. I always say it’s the place where, if I had to choose, I would spend my final days. Aside from speaking the oldest language of all languages known as Basque, San Sebastian is also the home of pinxtos. DO NOT call them tapas! In Old Town, as the sun begins to set, boarded up dives open up and you cruise from one place to the next, grabbing each place’s specialty pinxto. You must pace yourself so you make it the whole night. San Sebastian is also known for its Gin-Tonics. Don’t be confused. This is not just a gin and tonic. These are crafted cocktails where you choose from nearly 50 different types of gin then they swirl the gin with orange, lemon, or lime peels, vanilla beans, cardamom, and/or rose or hibiscus petals. Then they add a premium tonic…and my fellow gin lovers know that tonic makes or breaks the cocktail!


Of course, the star and purpose of this annual Tour de Europe is the Jimmy Buffett concerts in Paris this week. I’ll be at La Cigale all three nights, and I can hardly wait. Hoping I see the same familiar faces in the crowd that I see every year.

In usual JB style, I’m still trying to achieve my own mogul status. My best friend and I are learning what it’s like to launch a business. It’s clear why so many people take comfort in going to work for someone else every day. Simply trying to figure out if our idea, Bourbon Fat, has a marketable audience is daunting. As challenging as it is, I wouldn’t trade this journey for anything. Learning comes through discomfort…and restless nights! But what do you do when you’re knee deep in becoming an expert of corporate entities, taxes, and what seems like 100 business licenses? You reason with hurricane season by escaping the country and life for a couple of weeks. Happy to report I’m already feeling inspired and refreshed!

Au revoir! Je vais a Paris.

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