Salt! Salt! Salt!


Hi, I'm Allen. I'm a pirate looking at 40.


Like many ParrotHeads, I've wondered what it would be like to live not only the beachcomber lifestyle, but to experience some of the stories told in Jimmy's songs.

As I'm getting older, I find myself looking for my own "lost shaker of salt." That extra ingredient that balances out the sweet & bitter moments in life. I've found myself in situations that brought certain songs to mind, & I thought what if I was intentional about creating moments based on the lyrics I resonate with the most? Or, the lyrics that we all know by heart?

In January 2018, I'll be 40 years old, & an epic celebration will occur! In my wishful thinking, I'll be with all of my dearest friends & loved ones on an island all to ourselves. Eating, drinking, dancing, laughing. If I'm really lucky & the stars on the water align, maybe Jimmy himself will drop in! 

So welcome aboard to this fan-site vessel. Join me in this next trip around the sun as I try to live out a whole lot of the lyrics we all know & love. I'll also be adding in some other Jimmy-inspired adventures along the way too! Phins up!


When I'm in port, I get what I need.

Aside from living out Jimmy's lyrics, I'm also on a mission to find the real cheeseburgers of paradise...Paradise, USA!

Apparently, there are about 13 to 15 places in the United States named Paradise. There's actually quite a list of townships, counties, or areas of land called Paradise, so I'm filtering my search to those places that are actually inhabited. I'll be checking these places out to see if their burgers are, "not too particular , not too precise."

Below is the map of which Paradises I'll be visiting. I don't really have a set plan of when I'll get to where when, but I'll be documenting the trips as they happen on here, as well as on Instagram and Twitter.